Spring is finally upon us around the great state of Utah, and for many homeowners this means it's time for some basic spring cleaning, organization and upkeep. There are several areas of the home you might be running through here, and your garage is often one of the most notable.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're here to assist clients around Salt Lake City and Park City with all their garage storage system needs, including garage storage cabinets, garage storage shelves and several other robust options. Whether on your own or with help from our team of storage professionals wherever necessary, here are some basic spring garage storage, organization and related upkeep tips to consider.

Cleaning Up From the Winter

Over the course of the long Utah winter, your garage is often used for more than just vehicle storage. It may end up housing items that simply can't make it through the cold temperatures and snow, whether you're storing them to sell or plan on using them again next year.

To start your spring cleaning in the garage, begin by clearing out any winter items that are no longer needed. This could include shovels and snow removal tools, holiday decorations, winter sports equipment and several others. As you remove these items, take a minute to assess whether they are still in good condition or if they need to be replaced for next year.

Once everything is cleared out, it's time to give the garage a thorough cleaning. Sweep away any debris accumulated over the winter and wipe down surfaces with a gentle cleaner. If necessary, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to give your garage the deep clean it needs for spring.

Consider Your Storage Capabilities

As you're going about the process of clearing out your garage, take a few minutes to think about the current storage options you have in place. Are they working for you and your family? Do they provide enough space for all your items without creating a cluttered mess?

If not, it may be time to invest in some new storage solutions. At Precision Closets & Garage, we offer a wide range of customizable garage storage systems that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. From cabinets and shelves to overhead racks and wall panels, we have everything you need to create a functional and organized space.

Maximize Vertical Space

One of the keys to efficient garage organization is making the most of vertical space. Instead of only using floor space for storage, consider utilizing walls and ceiling space as well. This can be done through the use of wall panels, overhead racks and hanging shelves.

Not only does this free up floor space, but it also allows you to keep items off the ground where they may be susceptible to damage from moisture or pests. By taking advantage of vertical storage options, you'll have more room for your vehicles and other large items while keeping everything easily accessible.

Label and Group Items

Another great way to keep your garage organized is by labeling and grouping similar items together. This not only makes it easier to find what you need, but it also helps prevent clutter from accumulating over time.

Consider investing in clear plastic bins or containers for storage, and label them with the contents inside. You can also group similar items together, such as holiday decorations or sports equipment, to keep things organized and easily accessible.

Maintain Regular Upkeep

Once you've completed your spring cleaning and organization, it's important to maintain regular upkeep throughout the year. This could include scheduling regular decluttering sessions or setting reminders to check on items that may need to be replaced or repaired.

By staying on top of maintenance and organization, you'll avoid having to do a major overhaul every spring and keep your garage in top shape year-round.

Spring is the perfect time to give your garage the attention it deserves. By following these tips, you can create an organized and functional space that will make both spring cleaning and daily life much easier.

And if you need assistance with storage solutions, don't hesitate to contact Precision Closets & Garage for all your garage organization needs. Our team is always ready to help you create the perfect storage system for your home. Get in touch with us today to learn about any of our garage storage systems or other custom closet products for clients around SLC, Park City and nearby areas!

There are several kinds of items that we're often considering when it comes to basic closet storage and organization, and various accessories are often key on any such list. While accessories may not be your largest or most notable items, they're often very important and even quite high-value - and having a robust approach for regular storage within your closet space here is important.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're here to offer a huge range of closet systems to clients around Salt Lake City and Park City, including custom closet design for needs like walk-in closets, reach-in closets and many other options. Here are some basics on which accessories are most common in various closets, plus some of the simple ways to store and organize them in your closet setup.

Common Accessories Stored in Closets

There are a wide range of accessories that are stored in closets, and these may vary based on the person, their preferences and their lifestyle. However, there are a few common accessories that tend to be stored in most closets:

There are several robust methods for storing these and other various accessories. Our next few sections will go over some of the most notable.


One of the single most common items used for storage and organization of accessories is the simple hook, something that can be installed just about anywhere in the closet. These hooks can be mounted on walls or doors to hold purses, hats, scarves and more. They're affordable and easy to install, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

If you're considering hooks for your closet storage, it's important to choose ones that are strong and durable. We recommend metal hooks with a protective coating - this will ensure they last longer and won't damage your accessories.


Another popular option for accessory storage is drawers, which can be used to hold smaller items such as jewelry or sunglasses. They also provide a clean and organized look in the closet. Consider adding drawer dividers or inserts to keep smaller items organized and easily accessible.

With drawer selection, it's important to consider the durability and quality of the glides, which are the mechanisms that allow for opening and closing of the drawers. Higher quality glides will ensure smooth operation and prevent sticking or damage over time.

Vertical Storage

If you have limited closet space, utilizing vertical storage can be a great way to maximize your available space. This could include hanging shoe racks, over-the-door organizers or even shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling.

When using vertical storage options, make sure they are securely installed and won't put too much weight on your closet rods or shelves. It's also important to regularly clean and declutter these areas to prevent them from becoming overcrowded.

Bags Inside Bags

If you're the type who has lots of bags, consider storing them inside other bags to save space. For example, smaller clutches or purses can be kept in larger tote bags when not in use. This will also help protect your bags from dust and damage.

While accessories may not always be the first thing that comes to mind when organizing a closet, they are an important part of our everyday lives. With the right storage solutions, you can easily keep your accessories organized and accessible - making getting dressed each day a breeze. So don't overlook these often forgotten items when creating your dream closet setup.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're here to help you design and install the perfect closet system for all your storage needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services in Salt Lake City and Park City, whether for closets or garage storage systems, and take the first step towards a more organized life!

There are a few common types of closets out there that are often compared with one another as clients consider their options, and perhaps the most common example here is the dichotomy between the walk-in closet and the reach-in closet. How do these two extremely common closet formats compare, and which might be ideal for your closet and storage needs?

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to offer the very best custom closet systems and garage storage systems you'll find around Salt Lake City and Park City, including both walk-in closets and reach-in closets for any bedroom or related space in your home. Here are some basics that differentiate the two types, plus some key factors to consider as you choose between them for various storage needs in your home. 

Basic Differences Between the Two

Some of the differences between walk-in and reach-in closets are found simply in their names. Walk-in closets are larger, designed to be entered and walked into for storage needs. Reach-in closets are typically smaller, with a single door that is simply opened and accessed from the front to reach items inside.

Walk-ins will generally offer more space for hanging items such as dresses or coats, plus shelving areas or other storage sections where items can be placed on shelves rather than hung. Reach-ins, on the other hand, are generally more limited in space and may be better served for storing smaller items or clothing like t-shirts and socks.

So how do you decide between them? Our next several sections will go over some important variables to consider.

Simple Storage Needs

Naturally, the needs of whoever will be using the closet are important, and will likely be a major factor in your decision-making. If you or someone else simply has a lot of clothing or other items to store that require hanging space, a walk-in closet is often the best choice for this purpose.

However, if you're looking at matters like daily convenience and ease of access rather than sheer volume, reach-in closets may be equally good choices. They're easier to reach into and grab items from, meaning they may be the more convenient choice for daily use.

Basic Closet Organization

In addition, you should also consider the overall organization of your closet. Will you need multiple shelves or compartments for different types of clothing or accessories? If so, a walk-in closet will likely provide more room and flexibility for this kind of organization.

On the other hand, if your closet storage needs are more basic and don't require such specific organization, a reach-in closet may work just fine. You can still add shelves or other features, but you'll likely have less space to work with overall compared to walk-ins.

Available Space

Another key variable here will be the actual space available in your home. If you have a larger area to work with and want more storage options, a walk-in closet is likely the better choice. But if you're working with limited space or need to fit your closet into an existing room layout, reach-in closets may be a better solution.

Customization Options

While both walk-in and reach-in closets can be customized to meet your specific storage needs, you'll have more versatility with a walk-in closet. With the larger space available, you can add custom features like islands, seating areas or even built-in drawers for added convenience.

Now, this doesn't mean you can't customize a reach-in closet – you absolutely can. But keep in mind that space will be more limited and may affect your customization options.

Budget Considerations

Naturally, cost is a factor for many here as well. In general, reach-in closets will be less expensive to install than walk-ins due to the differences in size and materials used. If budget is a top priority, reach-in closets may be the way to go.

However, if you have extra storage needs or are planning to expand your current storage options in the future, a walk-in closet may be a better long-term investment. It's important to weigh both the short-term and long-term costs when making your decision.

Both walk-in and reach-in closets have their own unique benefits and considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing between them. Consider factors like space available, storage needs, organization preferences, budget and customization options to determine which type of closet will best meet your specific needs.

At Precision Closets & Garage, our team of experts can help you design and install the perfect closet system for your home – contact us today to get started, whether you're in SLC, Park City or any nearby area.

Among several accessories that are often utilized within closets and other storage spaces, mirrors are some of the most common and useful. There are a number of different mirror types you might consider for your closet or other storage areas, and one that can be particularly beneficial is a retractable mirror. 

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to assist clients around Salt Lake City and Park City with all their custom closet system design needs, including everything from walk-in closets to reach-in closets, garage storage shelves and more. We regularly work with clients who want specific elements involved in their closet setup, including mirrors of varying types. Here are some basics on retractable mirrors and how they work, some of their common uses in closets or other storage setups, and why they might be beneficial for your needs. 

How Retractable Mirrors Work

For those just learning about them for the first time, retractable mirrors are simply what they sound like: Mirrors that can be retracted or pulled back when not in use. Most often, these are found within closets or other storage spaces for organizational purposes - they allow you to have a mirror that's easily accessible but also out of the way when you don't need it. 

Retractable mirrors come in several variations and can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and needs of your closet or other storage area. They may be mounted on a stand, attached directly to a wall or door, or even built into cabinetry in some cases. Many people prefer these mirrors due to their convenience and space-saving capabilities. 

Common Closet and Storage Uses for Retractable Mirrors

There are several common uses for retractable mirrors within closets or other storage spaces, including: 

Benefits of Retractable Mirrors

So why choose a retractable mirror for your closet or storage space? Here are a few potential benefits: 

Is a Retractable Mirror Right for You?

As you're considering your storage options and accessories, it's worth thinking about whether a retractable mirror might be beneficial for you. As you're doing so, think about a few basic factors: The size and layout of your closet or storage area, any specific needs or preferences you might have, and your budget. With this information, our custom closet design experts can help determine if a retractable mirror would be right for you and what type may be the best fit.

At Precision Closets & Garage, our experienced team is here to help with all your closet and storage needs around SLC and Park City. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to maximize space while keeping style in mind. Contact us today to learn more about retractable mirrors or any of our other custom closet solutions!

There are a few parts of your home that it often pays to organize ahead of major seasonal change, and a great example here is your garage ahead of the winter season. The Utah winter brings snow, ice, cold weather and other changes that often necessitate moving items around the home and various storage areas, one of which is the garage.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to offer a huge range of home and garage storage options to clients around Salt Lake City and Park City, including quality garage cabinets for any need you may have. Here are some basic tips on organizing and prepping your garage space for the upcoming winter, covering both storage themes and related areas.

A Basic Initial Clean-Up

In many cases the summer and fall seasons will have led to some clutter in your garage, even if you generally keep things clean and organized. Before making any major changes or additions, take a day or afternoon to do a basic initial clean-up of the space.

This includes removing items that are no longer needed, sweeping out any debris or dirt, and organizing small items into bins or boxes. You might also consider hosing down the floors and walls if there are any visible stains or grime.

Seasonal Item Storage

In many cases, the biggest reason to organize the garage ahead of winter is to make room for seasonal items that will need to be stored away. These could include summer sports equipment like bikes or paddleboards, as well as lawn and garden tools that won't be needed during the winter months.

If you already have robust storage cabinets in your garage that can be used for these items, great. But if not, consider your options - we have a number of quality garage cabinets at Precision Closets & Garage.

Consider Vertical Space

Depending on the size of your garage, you may be limited when it comes to floor space for storage. But one often overlooked option here is utilizing vertical space - hanging items from the ceiling or high up on the walls can significantly open up floor room for other uses.

For instance, you might use ceiling hooks or overhead storage racks for bikes, ladders or other large items that take up a lot of space. You can also hang certain tools and equipment on pegboards for easy access.

Consider Top Winter Item Usage

As you're moving through your garage organization, one general tip is to keep the items you will need most during the winter months easily accessible. These might include snow shovels or other tools used for snow removal, as well as winter sports equipment like skis or snowboards.

In many cases, it will be optimal to place these items near the garage door or in other easily accessible areas. This will make it easier to access them when needed during a cold winter morning.

Labeling and Maintenance

If you haven't already done so, consider labeling different storage areas within your garage. If you have cabinets or shelves for specific items, for instance, label these clearly so that anyone who needs to access them.

Alternatively, you may use a color-code system instead of labels to help differentiate different sections or items. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple people using the garage and need to quickly locate specific items.

Ensure Door Closes Entirely

Especially if you'll be storing valuable items in your garage, it's important to ensure that the door can close and lock properly. Snow and ice buildup near the door can cause issues with closing, so take some time to clear any debris or obstructions from the area.

In addition, consider using a weather stripping or sealant around the edges of your garage door to prevent drafts and keep heat inside during the winter months. This can help with energy efficiency and potentially save you money on heating bills.

As you can see, there are a number of steps you can take to organize your garage ahead of the winter season. Whether it's investing in quality garage cabinets or maximizing vertical space, taking the time to prepare now will make for a smoother transition into the colder months.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're here to help with all your storage needs around SLC and Park City, whether you're preparing for winter or simply looking to improve organization throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, including custom garage cabinets and other storage solutions. No matter your needs, we have you covered.

With fall fully upon us and winter not too far around the corner, ensuring you have the right clothing set up for the cooler parts of the year is important - but so is confirming storage space for your changing wardrobe. In particular, there are several fall essentials that should be considered when it comes to simple, convenient storage over the next few months, and even on into winter.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to assist clients around Salt Lake City and Park City with all their storage needs, including important fall areas like mudroom storage, pantry storage and more. Here are some examples of fall clothing and related essentials around the home, plus how to consider storage for each of them.

Boots or Heavier Shoes

As the weather cools down, boots and heavier shoes come out in full force. This is especially true for those who live in areas with significant snowfall - you need a solid pair of boots to get through the winters here.

When it comes to boot storage, the first consideration is making sure you have enough room for them. If your closet is already packed full, consider investing in a hanging shoe organizer or an over-the-door shoe rack to keep your boots organized and easily accessible. For those with a mudroom or entryway area, a boot tray or mat can also help keep dirty shoes contained.

You should also be mindful of how you store your boots. Stuffing them with tissue paper or using boot shapers can help maintain their shape and prevent creases from forming.

Jackets and Sweaters

Another common fall and winter clothing category is jackets and sweaters. While they're essential for keeping us warm, they can also take up a lot of space if not stored properly.

Consider investing in some slimline hangers to hang your jackets and sweaters - this will help keep them organized and prevent overcrowding on your closet rod. You can also fold heavier sweaters and stack them on shelves or in drawers if you have the space.

You also might consider double-hanging rods, which allow you to utilize all the vertical space in your closet for hanging items. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of long jackets or coats.

Scarves, Hats and Gloves

As the weather gets colder, accessories like scarves, hats and gloves become essential for keeping warm. But these small items can easily get lost or cluttered if not properly stored.

A simple solution is to designate a specific drawer or organizer for your scarves, hats and gloves. You can also use hanging shelves or hooks in your closet to keep these items easily accessible. If you have a lot of scarves, you can also roll them up and store them in a decorative basket or bin on a shelf - not only will this save space, but it can also add a touch of style to your closet.

Long Pants (Or Snow Pants)

Another fall and winter clothing item that can take up a lot of space is long pants, especially if you live in an area with colder temperatures and need snow pants. Hanging them on hangers may not be the best solution, as they can easily slip off or create clutter.

Consider investing in a pant rack for your closet - this will allow you to hang multiple pairs of pants on one hanger, saving space and keeping them organized. Another option is to fold your pants and store them in a drawer or on shelves - just make sure to stack them neatly so they don't create a mess.

Blankets and Comforters

As the temperature drops, many people bring out extra blankets and comforters for warmth. But where do you store these bulky items during the warmer months?

One solution is to invest in vacuum-sealed storage bags - these will compress your blankets and comforters down to a much smaller size, saving valuable closet or under-bed space. You can also use decorative baskets or bins on shelves for storing these items.

As you can see, there are many fall essentials that require proper storage solutions. At Precision Closets & Garage, we specialize in creating customized storage solutions for every area of your home, including those specifically designed for fall and winter clothing and accessories. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you maximize your storage space this season, whether you're in SLC, Park City or any nearby area.

As we leave the hot Utah summer and move into fall and eventually the cozy winter, a few areas of the home tend to become a bit more notable. Entryways are great examples here - whether we're talking about hosting guests, improving storage and cleanliness capabilities for the kids as they come in and out during fall activities or any related area, considering your entryway's setup this autumn may be a prudent move.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to help clients around Salt Lake City, Park City and nearby areas with all their storage and closet needs, including everything from custom closet systems to garage cabinets, mudroom storage options and more. We're here to help with any entryway storage or design concept you're considering, whether it's a temporary change for this autumn season or something more permanent. Here are some of the general concepts to be considering when you're managing entryway storage and design this fall.

Combining Storage Functionality and Style

In a space like an entryway, you'll often be considering two competing factors when it comes to storage: Functionality and style. You need your entryway to be easy to use and maneuver in, but you also want it to look great for guests and visitors.

For instance, if you have children, your entryway will likely see a lot of activity - coats, shoes, backpacks and other items will all be coming in and out. You need space for these items to be stored quickly and easily, but you also don't want clutter or messiness - and you want the space to still look inviting and welcoming.

This can be accomplished in a few ways. Many homeowners will choose to install custom cabinets or shelves in their entryway, allowing for organized storage of items. Others might opt for a mudroom bench with storage inside it - perfect for quickly putting on and removing shoes while also hiding them from sight.

Infusing Natural Elements

Especially if this is a temporary autumn design change and you're not looking to spend a great deal of money, one simple way to spruce up your entryway is by infusing some natural elements. This could mean bringing in some fall foliage or decorative pumpkins, or even just adding an accent rug with autumn colors.

The addition of natural elements can bring warmth and coziness to your entryway, perfect for the upcoming season. These elements can also accent whichever form(s) of storage you choose to implement - wooden cabinets, for instance, will look even more inviting with some natural elements placed around them.

Ensuring Proper Lighting

Like with many other areas of the home, both storage and otherwise, proper lighting is key to making sure your entryway looks and functions its best. This could mean adding some wall sconces or pendant lights, or even just updating the light bulbs in your existing fixtures.

Proper lighting can make a small space seem bigger and more inviting, as well as making it easier to find items and navigate through the area. Consider both natural daylight and artificial lighting options when designing or updating your entryway this fall.

Using Storage Concepts to Find a Place for Everything

For many homes, the entire concept of storage becomes a major issue in the entryway. Especially as we head into fall and winter, coats, hats, shoes, umbrellas and other items start piling up - but where do they all go?

By thoughtfully considering your entryway's design and implementing smart storage solutions like hooks, shelves or cabinets, you can find a place for everything and keep this area organized. This helps many families avoid the stress of constant clutter and searching for misplaced items, making your home a more pleasant environment overall.

Maintaining - or Contrasting - Existing Home Style

Finally, it's important not to forget about style when considering storage and design options for your entryway. You want the space to fit in with the rest of your home, but you also have some flexibility here - you can either maintain continuity with existing style, or use this as an opportunity to try something new or add a pop of color.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're here to help with cabinets, closets and custom storage solutions for your entryway and other areas. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about any of our services for clients around SLC and Park City, or to set up an appointment at your convenience!

There are several forms of storage that many people and families utilize their garages for, and one great example here is storage of sports equipment. Whether for the kids, parents or some combination of both, the garage is often ideal for storing sports-related items - and there are several robust approaches you can take here.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to offer a huge range of home and garage storage solutions for clients around Salt Lake City, Park City and nearby areas. We've helped clients with a variety of different uses of their garage for storage, including for sports equipment and similar needs. Here are some tips on how to evaluate and utilize your garage space when it comes to sports items.

Pre-Organizing Your Old and New Equipment

If you're just kicking off the process of organizing your sports equipment, start by taking inventories of what you already have. This will give you a better idea of where everything is, and what kind of storage solutions might be best for each item.

Furthermore, you may realize that you have a number of old items that you don't need or use any more, so you can eliminate those items from the equation altogether. This will make sure that your storage solutions are tailored for the amount of equipment you're actually using.

Compare Your Available Space With Your Needs

Once you've firmly established what kind of equipment you're working with, it's important to measure the amount of space that you have available. This will help determine what kind of storage solutions are most practical for your needs.

For instance, if you have more limited space, then wall-mounted shelving and specialized racks can be great options for containing your items in a smaller area - but if you have more space to work with, then you can look into larger solutions like modular shelving or individual sports lockers.

Do You Need Additional Cabinets

Early in your evaluation process, you should be trying to get an idea of whether or not you need additional cabinets for your equipment. In some cases, it can be ideal to have custom-built cabinets in the garage specifically designed for sports items, as this will make them easier to access and keep organized.

If you find that cabinets are a good fit for your needs, then we'd be happy to discuss further options with you here at Precision Closets & Garage.

Don't Forget About Floor Space

Depending on the kinds of sports items you have and their size, it's possible that you may need to utilize some of your garage floor space for storage solutions. This could range from a larger rack or shelving unit to individual bins or racks placed on the ground.

These kinds of approaches can add an extra layer of organization, plus they're especially useful if you don't have a lot of wall or ceiling space to work with in the garage.

Vertical Space is Vital, Too

Especially for varying kinds of sports equipment that need to be hung up to dry or to allow air circulation, taking advantage of the vertical space in your garage can be a great move. This could include hanging hooks and racks on the ceilings or walls, which gives you plenty of room for items like skiing boots, lacrosse sticks, helmets and other items that need more attention than typical shelving units would provide.

For instance, if you or your kids utilize winter sports, then you can hang up skis and snowboards upside down to allow air circulation without taking up extra floor space or needing bulky storage solutions.

Wall Slats?

Certain sports or equipment pieces also lend themselves well to wall slats, which are a great way to keep items like bats, rackets or even golf clubs in an organized manner. Wall slats can be custom-made to fit your exact needs and specifications, and they can provide a simple yet robust solution for storing small equipment pieces that don't require more elaborate storage solutions.

No matter what kind of sports-related items you're looking to store in your garage, here at Precision Closets & Garage we have the experience and resources to help you find the ideal solution for your needs. Contact us today to get started with this or any other custom storage need throughout SLC or Park City.

There are a few common desires that many homeowners tend to share even if they're in very different circumstances, and a need to save space is often at or near the top of this list. There are a number of ways to save space in your home, and one approach that also comes with several other major benefits is the addition of custom storage products.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to offer customized storage solutions for clients around Salt Lake City and Park City, from custom closets and other indoor storage spaces to garage storage and more. Here are some of the specific ways that customized storage items like ours often play a major role in helping save space around any home.

Using the Space You Weren't Taking Advantage Of

In many cases, one of the primary ways custom storage helps save space is by making use of areas in the home that weren't being utilized as effectively as they could have been. In some cases, this means items like shelving and other accessories for both closets and garages that allow you to make much better use of every inch you're working with.

For instance, let's say you have a large storage closet in your home but it's full of items that are all stacked haphazardly and without any sort of order or strategy. A custom-designed closet system can help organize those items while also making sure they're taking up the least possible amount of space, thus freeing up more square footage for other purposes.

In other cases, custom storage additions might allow you to realize when significant chunks of space in your home weren't being used for anything. This could be the dead space in the back of a closet, or a particularly tall corner in your garage that seemed too awkward to use until now.

Making Better Use of Vertical Space

Custom storage solutions might also help you make better use of vertical space - i.e., height - around your home. Wall shelves or cabinets, for instance, can provide the perfect place to store items while also freeing up space on the floor so you have more room to move.

The same goes for other areas of your home where wall space is available but not being used effectively. Even if it's something like a closet that often has a lot of items piled up on the floor, there are often ways to utilize custom shelving and other storage solutions for vertical space even in small areas.

Consolidating Items into One Place

Custom closets and garage systems can also help you save space by consolidating items that were previously spread out throughout the home into one place. For instance, if you had several shelving systems for books, DVD cases, and other items scattered throughout the home, custom closets can bring all of those items into one place while carrying out things like sorting and compressing them for you.

This consolidated approach also helps when it comes time to do something like tidying up or cleaning your home. Instead of having to go all over the house to pick up items, you just have one area to focus on making sure everything is in order.

Tailored Directly to Your Space

The word "custom" also has major value when it comes to creating storage systems tailored specifically to your space. We can come up with creative and efficient solutions for just about any home, making sure you're getting maximum use of every inch of area in the process.

This is especially useful for older homes or those that were built with oddly shaped rooms or other areas where storage solutions can be particularly challenging. Custom options are made to fit those spaces as perfectly as possible, ensuring you're getting the most out of what you have and saving space in the process.

Incorporation Into Furniture for Multiple Functions

Another creative solution we offer is customized furniture solutions with built-in storage. This can be ideal for areas of the home like living rooms where you may not want to dedicate an entire piece of furniture just for storage purposes.

This style also helps you free up more floor space around a room, as well as make better use of the vertical space in that particular area. It also allows you to customize the type of storage and how it looks, so you can make sure it matches your home's aesthetic while still getting maximum use out of the space at hand.

If you're looking for ways to save space around your home, the addition of custom storage solutions may be exactly what you need. From maximizing every inch of floor and vertical space to consolidating items from around the house and incorporating storage into furniture, this approach can help you save plenty of space while also adding other major benefits.

If your home is in Salt Lake City or Park City and you're interested in learning more about custom storage solutions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Precision Closets & Garage today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect storage solutions for your home!

Organization is naturally one of the top consistent themes for any closet setup, and walk-in closets are no exception. There are several basic tools and accessories often used to help organize a walk-in closet, and knowing how they work and which approaches tend to be best for them is often very helpful when setting up any kind of new closet arrangement.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to offer a huge range of closet and other storage options to clients around Salt Lake City and Park City, including walk-in closets for any home. Here are some of the various accessories and approaches that are often most useful for organizing your walk-in closet and keeping it highly functional at all times.

General Layout Planning

Before we get into some of the specific accessories that may be used, it's important to consider the general layout of your walk-in closet. It's impossible to truly get organized without proper planning, and a good layout should consider how you plan on using different parts of the space.

Where will you store items that need to be easily accessible? Where will hanging clothes best fit into the scheme of things? What amount of space do you need to store other items, and where should they be placed in the closet? Answering these questions is essential to getting the best layout for your walk-in.

Hanging Racks

The most common form of storage for any kind of closet are hangers. For a walk-in, this could mean simple hanging racks or closet bars for clothing, but it could also include shoe racks and other forms of storage. It's important to consider how much space is needed for different items when considering the type of rack you'll need.

For instance, a closet bar may be best for hanging dress shirts or pants, while multiple overhead shelves can provide storage space for items that need to be tucked away.

Valet Rods

Another common accessory for a walk-in closet are valet rods. These are often used to hang items that need to be readily accessible, such as suits or other formal wear. It's important to consider the size of the rod when selecting one, as larger items may require more space on the rod.

As you're considering valet rods, there are a few other accessories that may be useful in conjunction with them. For instance, a belt hanger can help keep your belts organized and easily accessible, while tie racks can also help you quickly grab the right accessory for any occasion.

Baskets & Bins

In addition to hanging racks and valet rods, baskets and bins are often very helpful for keeping items organized in a walk-in closet. These can be used to store items such as scarves, jewelry, and other accessories. For larger bins, you may also want to consider investing in storage cubes for more efficient organization.

Your selections here will largely depend on the space available, but it's important to consider the size and shape of items when selecting the right type of basket or bin. For instance, small squares may work better than large rectangles for storing jewelry or other smaller items.

Adjustable Shelving

One great way to maximize the space in a walk-in closet is by installing adjustable shelving. This type of shelving provides more flexibility and versatility than pre-made shelves, as you can customize the height and width of each shelf to suit your needs.

This can be especially useful for storing items such as shoes or heavier items like sweaters, as the shelves can be adjusted to better fit these items. Adjustable shelving also helps to make it easier to reach items, as you can set them up at a height that is comfortable for you.

Seating Options

Depending on the space available in your walk-in closet, you may also want to consider a seating option. This could be as simple as a cushioned bench or an upholstered ottoman—both of which can provide comfortable seating while organizing items or getting ready for the day.

Having these types of furniture pieces in the closet not only adds a touch of style, but can also be a great way to help make the most of your space.

By considering these items and taking time to plan out the best layout for you, it's easy to create an efficient and organized walk-in closet that is both stylish and functional. With just a few simple tools and accessories, you can easily turn a disorganized closet into one that is neat and tidy.

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