Closet Finishes

Closet Finishes

Closet Finishes
  • Antique White (9)
  • Arctic (9)
  • Ash (8)
  • Chocolate Pear (9)
  • Cloud (8)
  • Coco (9)
  • Concrete (9)
  • Dakota (6)
  • Drift (8)
  • Licorice (9)
  • Mixology (26)
  • Surfaces (12)
  • Tahoe (6)
  • White (9)
Mixology line is used in combination with our standard finishes. These Mixology colors can be applied to drawers, doors and other decorative panels only. Please speak with your designer for more information on our Mixology line.

Mixology Disclaimer

Dakota Slim Shaker

Dakota Raised Panel

Dakota Pillowtop

Dakota One Piece Shaker

Dakota Modern

Dakota Flat Panel

Tahoe Slim Shaker

Tahoe Raised Panel

Tahoe Pillowtop

Tahoe One Piece Shaker

Tahoe Modern

Tahoe Flat Panel

White Slim Shaker

White Shaker

White Raised Panel

White Pillowtop

White One-Piece Shaker

White Modern

White Milan

White Flat Panel

White Allegra


Travertine Sample


Titan Surface


Stone Countertop


Onyx Surface


Marble Countertop


Aspen Surface

White Acrylic

White Acrylic Solid Detail

White Acrylic Detail

Vintage Slim Shaker


Sea Glass


Samples In Bag

Reed Pillowtop

Raven One-Piece Shaker


Mercury Acrylic

Latte One-Piece Shaker



Galaxy One-Piece

Galaxy One-Piece Shaker Small

Galaxy One-Piece Shaker

Fawn Modern

Falcon Raised Panel

Dew Slim Shaker

Cloud Acrylic

Chiffon One-Piece Shaker

Blush Slim Shaker

Licorice Slim Shaker

Licorice Shaker

Licorice Raised Panel

Licorice Pillowtop

Licorice One-Piece Shaker

Licorice Modern

Licorice Milan

Licorice Flat Panel

Licorice Allegra

Drift Slim Shaker

Drift Raised Panel

Drift Pillowtop

Drift One-Piece Shaker

Drift Modern

Drift Milan

Drift Flat Panel

Drift Allegra

Concrete Slim Shaker

Concrete Shaker

Concrete Raised Panel

Concrete Pillowtop

Concrete One-Piece

Concrete Modern

Concrete Milan

Concrete Flat Panel

Concrete Allegra

Coco Slim Shaker

Coco Shaker

Coco Raised Panel

Coco Pillowtop

Coco One-Piece Shaker

Coco Modern

Coco Milan

Coco Flat Panel

Coco Allegra

Cloud Slim Shaker

Cloud Raised Panel

Cloud Pillowtop

Cloud One-Piece Shaker

Cloud Modern

Cloud Milan

Cloud Flat Panel

Cloud Allegra

Chocolate Pear Slim Shaker

Chocolate Pear Shaker

Chocolate Pear Raised Panel

Chocolate Pear Pillowtop

Chocolate Pear One-Piece Shaker

Chocolate Pear Modern

Chocolate Pear Milan

Chocolate Pear Flat Panel

Chocolate Pear Allegra

Ash Slim Shaker

Ash Raised Panel

Ash Pillowtop

Ash One-Piece Shaker

Ash Modern

Ash Milan

Ash Flat Panel

Ash Allegra

Artic Slim Shaker

Arctic Shaker

Arctic Raised Panel

Arctic Pillowtop

Arctic One-Piece Shaker

Arctic Modern

Arctic Milan

Arctic Flat Panel

Arctic Allegra

Antique White Slim Shaker

Antique White Shaker

Antique White Raised Panel

Antique White Pillowtop

Antique White One-Piece Shaker

Antique White Modern

Antique White Milan

Antique White Flat Panel

Antique White Allegra