Closets and Other Storage Themes for Small Accessories

Closets and Other Storage Themes for Small Accessories

For fashion enthusiasts or anyone else who maintains a collection of smaller accessories like necklaces, bracelets and similar items, storage for these items is an important consideration. While they may be smaller, this actually sometimes makes it easier for clutter or disorganization to arise — but the right closet customization and similar themes will leave you in great shape.

At Precision Closets, we’re here to help with numerous closet services and options, including custom storage systems for small spaces like accessory storage areas. Here’s a quick word on how to store a few of the most common fashion accessory types you might own.

Bracelets and Necklaces

If you’re storing bracelets and necklaces, there are a few things to consider. The first is that the storage area should be dark. Exposure to light can significantly reduce colors over time, and also promote tarnish on metal pieces — both of which are undesirable outcomes.

Second, larger items like necklaces may need additional support in the form of wire racks or similar items to prevent them from bending. This is especially true if they’re made from heavier materials.


Earrings can be mounted on hooks or, more commonly, placed in containers. One option to consider is wire racks that are pierced and have space for multiple pairs of earrings on each hook. These are available at a number of retailers and may prove useful in your storage area.

Another common jewelry accessory is the ring, which has a surprising amount of storage options. You can also store earrings in a jewelry box with dividers (which are often adjustable), or you can mount them on wall racks if they’re particularly beautiful and you want to highlight them.

Hat Storage

If you wear hats, it’s best to keep them stored in a dark area, such as a closet. The same conditions apply here as with other accessories — light exposure can cause colors to fade and certain materials, particularly straws, may not react well with humidity. Many people choose to hang hats on racks, though others place them vertically in drawers.


Scarves and other similar types of accessories can be stored in a few different ways. One of the most popular is to fold them and store them in drawers or over hanging rods (which are available for this purpose at many stores). Though they don’t take up much space, folding helps keep them out of the way when storing this type of accessory.

If you’re looking to store a large number of scarves, it might be a good idea to place them in containers so they stay organized.


Many people have closets that double as shoe storage areas — and there are many different options for this type of use. The most common is shelves that display shoes; another involves the use of over-the-door racks that limit the floor space you’re using. Both of these are easily customized to your space and your shoe collection, so it’s a great way to maximize the value you get out of a limited amount of space.

For more on accessory storage within your closet system, or to learn about any of our closets, pantries, garages or other storage themes, speak to the staff at Precision Closets today.