Closet Accessories

Engage Organizers
Jewelry Organizers
LED Glass Shelves
Poles & Cups
Shoe Fences
Sliding Baskets
Storage Boxes
Wall Mount Mirrors
Symphony Organizers

Engage Organizer Types

Engage Organizer Types
  • Deep Drawer (7)
  • Divided Shelves (7)
  • Folding Shelves (7)
  • Laundry Organizer (7)
  • Lingerie Drawer (7)
  • Pant Organizer (7)
  • Rotating Mirror (7)
  • Shoe Organizer (7)

Engage Shoe Organizer ORB

Engage Shoe Organizer ORB

Engage Shoe Organizer MNL

Engage Shoe Organizer MG

Engage Shoe Organizer MAL

Engage Shoe Organizer MAL Application

Engage Shoe Organizer GR

Tag Hardware Elite Full Rotation Sliding Mirror

TAG Hardware Elite MG Application

Elite Rotating Mirror ORB

Elite Rotating Mirror MNL

Elite Rotating Mirror MG

Elite Rotating Mirror MAL

Elite Rotating Mirror GR

Engage Pant Organizer ORB

Engage Pant Organizer MNL

Engage Pant Organizer MG

Engage Pant Organizer MG Application

Engage Pant Organizer MAL

Engage Pant Organizer MAL Application

Engage Pant Organizer GR

Engage Lingerie Drawer ORB

Engage Lingerie Drawer MNL

Engage Lingerie Drawer MG

Engage Lingerie Drawer MG Application

Engage Lingerie Drawer MAL

Engage Lingerie Drawer MAL Application

Engage Lingerie Drawer GR

Engage Laundry Organizer ORB

Engage Laundry Organizer ORB

Engage Laundry Organizer MNL

Engage Laundry Organizer MNL

Engage Laundry Organizer MG

Engage Laundry Organizer MAL

Engage Laundry Organizer GR

Engage Folding Shelf ORB

Engage Folding Shelf MNL

Engage Folding Shelf MG

Engage Folding Shelf MG Application

Engage Folding Shelf MAL

Engage Folding Shelf MAL

Engage Folding Shelf GR

Engage Divided Shelf ORB

Engage Divided Shelf MNL

Engage Divided Shelf MG

Engage Divided Shelf MG

Engage Divided Shelf MAL

Engage Divided Shelf MAL Application

Engage Divided Shelf GR

Engage Deep Drawer ORB

Engage Deep Drawer MNL

Engage Deep Drawer MG

Engage Deep Drawer MG Application

Engage Deep Drawer MAL

Engage Deep Drawer MAL Application

Engage Deep Drawer GR

Hook Types

Hook Types
  • 3 Way Hook (4)
  • Belt Hook (8)
  • Coat Hook (8)
  • Double Hook (8)
  • Tie Hook (8)
  • Waterfall Hook (8)

Elite Waterfall Hook ORB

Elite Waterfall Hook MNL

Elite Waterfall Hook MG

Elite Waterfall Hook MG Application

Elite Waterfall Hook MG Application

Elite Waterfall Hook MAL

Elite Waterfall Hook GR

Elite Waterfall Hook CR

Elite Tie Hook ORB

Elite Tie Hook MNL

Elite Tie Hook MG

Elite Tie Hook MAL

Elite Tie Hook GR

Elite Tie Hook GR Application

Elite Tie Hook CR

Elite Tie Hook CR Application

Elite Double Hook ORB

Elite Double Hook MNL

Elite Double Hook MG

Elite Double Hook MAL

Elite Double Hook MAL Application

Elite Double Hook GR

Elite Double Hook CR

Elite Double Hook CR Application

Elite Coat Hook ORB

Elite Coat Hook MNL

Elite Coat Hook MG

Elite Coat Hook MAL

Elite Coat Hook GR

Elite Coat Hook GR Application

Elite Coat Hook CR

Elite Coat Hook CR Application

Elite Belt Hook ORB

Elite Belt Hook MNL

Elite Belt Hook MG

Elite Belt Hook MG Application

Elite Belt Hook MAL

Elite Belt Hook GR

Elite Belt Hook CR

Elite Belt Hook CR Application

3 Way Hook - Satin Nickel

3 Way Hook - Chrome

3 Way Hook - Brushed Chrome

3 Way Hook - Bronze

Jewelry Organizer Types

Jewelry Organizer Types
  • Engage Jewelry Organizer (7)
  • Jewelry Tray (Classic Collection) (3)

Velveteen Insert Jewelry Tray

Arctic Flat Panel Drawer with Jewelry Insert

Acrylic Sliding Jewelry Tray

Engage Jewelry Organizer ORB

Engage Jewelry Organizer MNL

Engage Jewelry Organizer MG

Engage Jewelry Organizer MAL

Engage Jewelry Organizer MAL

Engage Jewelry Organizer GR

Engage Jewelry Organizer GR Application

LED Glass Shelves

LED Glass Shelves
  • 14" Depth (4)
  • 20" Depth (4)

Lighted Shelf Matte Nickel 20

Lighted Shelf Matte Gold 20

Lighted Shelf Matte Aluminum 20

Lighted Shelf Graphite 20

Lighted Shelf Matte Nickel

Lighted Shelf Matte Gold 14

Lighted Shelf Matte Aluminum 14

Lighted Shelf Graphite 14

Matte Gold Lighted Shelf

Poles & Cups Types

Poles & Cups Types
  • Elite Round (13)
  • Signature (14)
  • Synergy (Classic Collection) (8)

Closet Pole Cup - Satin Nickel

Closet Pole Cup - Chrome

Closet Pole Cup - Brushed Chrome

Closet Pole Cup - Bronze

Closet Pole - Satin Nickel

Closet Pole - Chrome

Closet Pole - Brushed Chrome

Closet Pole - Bronze

Signature Pole ORB

Signature Pole MNL

Signature Pole MG

Signature Pole MAL

Signature Pole GR

Signature Pole Cup ORB

Signature Pole Cup MNL

Signature Pole Cup MG

Signature Pole Cup MAL

Signature Pole Cup GR

Signature Pole Cup CR

Signature Pole CR

Signature Pole and Cup ORB Application

Signature Pole and Cup MAL Application

Elite Round Pole ORB

Elite Round Pole MNL

Elite Round Pole MG

Elite Round Pole MG Application

Elite Round Pole MAL

Elite Round Pole GR Application

Elite Round Pole CR

Elite Round Cups ORB

Elite Round Cups MNL

Elite Round Cups MG

Elite Round Cups MAL

Elite Round Cups GR

Elite Round Cups CR

Rack Types

Rack Types
  • Belt Rack (8)
  • Belt Rack (Classic Collection) (4)
  • Scarf Rack (8)
  • Spice Rack (2)
  • Synergy Pant Rack (6)
  • Tie Rack (8)
  • Tie Rack (Classic Collection) (4)
  • Valet Rack (8)
  • Wine Rack (Classic Collection) (1)

Wine Bottle Rack - Chrome

Elite Valet Rack ORB

Elite Valet Rack ORB

Elite Valet Rack MNL

Elite Valet Rack MNL Application

Elite Valet Rack MG

Elite Valet Rack MAL

Elite Valet Rack GR

Elite Valet Rack CR

Tie Rack - Satin Nickel

Tie Rack - Chrome

Tie Rack - Brushed Chrome

Tie Rack - Bronze

Elite Tie Rack ORB

Elite Tie Rack MNL

Elite Tie Rack MNL Application

Elite Tie Rack MG

Elite Tie Rack MG Application

Elite Tie Rack MAL

Elite Tie Rack GR

Elite Tie Rack CR

Synergy Pant Rack CR

Synergy Pant Rack MNL

Synergy Pant Rack MNL Application

Synergy Pant Rack MAL

Synergy Pant Rack MAL Application

Synergy Pant Rack ORB

Spice Rack - Chrome

Spice Rack - Bronze

Elite Scarf Rack ORB

Elite Scarf Rack MNL

Elite Scarf Rack MG

Elite Scarf Rack MG Application

Elite Scarf Rack MAL

Elite Scarf Rack MAL

Elite Scarf Rack GR

Elite Scarf Rack CR

Belt Rack - Satin Nickel

Belt Rack - Chrome

Belt Rack - Brushed Chrome

Belt Rack - Bronze

Elite Belt Rack ORB

Elite Belt Rack ORB Application

Elite Belt Rack MNL

Elite Belt Rack MG

Elite Belt Rack MAL

Elite Belt Rack GR

Elite Belt Rack GR Application

Elite Belt Rack CR

Shoe Fence Types

Shoe Fence Types
  • Elite Shoe Fence (8)
  • Shoe Fence (Classic Collection) (4)

Shelf Fence - Satin Nickel

Shelf Fence - Chrome

Shelf Fence - Bronze

Chrome Shoe Fences on White Shelves

Elite Shoe Fence ORB

Elite Shoe Fence ORB Application

Elite Shoe Fence MNL

Elite Shoe Fence MG

Elite Shoe Fence MAL

Elite Shoe Fence GR

Elite Shoe Fence GR Application

Elite Shoe Fence CR

30x17x14 Sliding Basket - Chrome

30x17x14 Sliding Basket - Bronze Finish with Black Wrap

30x11x14 Sliding Basket - Chrome

30x6.25x14 Sliding Basket - Chrome

Engage Storage Box Slate

Engage Storage Box Beach

Fixed Mirror Oil Rubbed Bronze

Fixed Mirror Matte Nickel

Fixed Mirror Matte Gold

Fixed Mirror Matte Aluminum

Fixed Mirror Graphite

Symphony Organizer Types

Symphony Organizer Types
  • SOLO (1)
  • QUARTET (4)
  • OCTAVE (5)
  • DUET (3)
  • DODECA (1)

Dodeca 1

Octave 5

Octave 4

Octave 3

Octave 2

Octave 1

Quartet 4

Quartet 3

Quartet 2

Quartet 1

Duet 3

Duet 2

Duet 1