Reach-In Closets


Most northern Utah homes have reach-in closets. You may wish you had a walk-in closet, but Precision Closets & Garage can show you how we can organize your reach-in closet in a way that gives you more space than you ever thought possible.

Standard reach-in closets are often equipped with nothing more than a solitary shelf and a rod. This is hardly adequate for today’s homeowner. Installing a closet organizer system is the only way to fit everything you need into your closet and have it be easily accessible.

Often, we see closets with so many clothes crammed onto the hanging rod that it’s difficult to even see what’s there. While paring down your wardrobe once or twice a year is a good idea, your closet should provide you with the space you need to hang your clothes without fear of squashing or losing them.

Reach-In Closet Solutions

If you’re lucky enough to have a wide reach-in closet with folding doors, these are some of the easiest in which to install a closet system. That’s because the folding doors make more space accessible. You can include a closet drawer system or cabinets with doors without worrying about whether there is enough room to open them.

You can also include closet shelving high up for items you rarely use such as Christmas sweaters and fancy purses. This is harder to do in a closet with a traditional door, because it’s difficult to reach up into the recesses of the closet.

However, if your home has traditional, small, reach-in closets with doors, Precision Closets & Garage can create a closet system that makes the most of the space you have.

young girls closet
polo shirts, shoes, and pants in a closet

Custom Reach-In Closets

With our custom reach-in closet solutions, you get the exact organizational system that’s right for you. This solution is effective for any reach-in closet, but it’s especially useful for closets that are oddly shaped or in an unusual location like under the roof slant or the stairs.

Our experts have many years of experience creating custom closet designs for all types of homes throughout northern Utah. It’s easy to design a walk-in closet because it’s like an empty box — it’s the challenging ones we really enjoy diving into.

Best Closet Systems

You can buy closet components in retail or big box stores, but if you truly want to make the most of the space you have, you will want to go with the best closet systems available from Precision Closets & Garage.

Our closet systems are durable and adjustable and will help you keep your clothing and other possessions well organized for many years. We help you use every inch of the space you have, so nothing goes to waste.

Contact Precision Closets & Garage today for more information on reach-in closet systems, walk-in closet organizers, custom closet design systems and storage solutions for your pantry, laundry room, mudroom, office, playroom, garage and more.

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Your new closet starts with a COMPLIMENTARY 3D DESIGN