Office Space


A functional desk with the correct amount of countertop, shelves and drawers can increase efficiency during your work day.

Did you know that you can convert a room in your home into a beautiful office, which can then transform into a bedroom with a murphy bed?

  • You can! Murphy beds are hidden wall bed options that can accommodate out-of-town guests with out having to interrupt your home organization.
  • Design custom bookshelves as a beautiful display of photos and souvenirs.


cabinet with vases and picture frames
home office with white cabinets and tables
  • This office inspires productivity with all of the work space area available. A large desk with plenty of room to lay out upcoming projects.
  • Plenty of cabinetry along the sides and behind the desk to tuck away files and loose items.
Desks are the ideal piece of furniture for your home if you are going to be doing work and you need a place to store your computer, paperwork, supplies, and files.

It is very easy to pull a chair up to a desk and work for a long period of time. Having a desk that is at the perfect height is also very beneficial for your body so that you are comfortable while you are working.

home office with hanging cabinets

Your new closet starts with a COMPLIMENTARY 3D DESIGN