Custom Closets

Custom Closets

To get the most out of the closet space you have, you need a flexible closet system that makes use of every square inch. Precision Closets & Garage creates amazing custom closets that allow you to finally have everything you need at your fingertips.

Closet Solutions

The closets in many homes in northern Utah seem small. But oftentimes the problem is not so much a lack of space as poor use of the space.

Many builders make closets with a single shelf and a bar to hang clothes from. This might be adequate for someone who doesn’t have many clothes, but for most people, it doesn’t work. Clothes end up jammed together so tightly that you can’t find anything, and if you do, it’s wrinkled. The space under the clothes remains unused, and shoes litter the floor.

Buying components for your closet at a big box store can help a little, but these are not usually 100% customizable and end up wasting some space.

The most efficient solution to your storage woes is a custom closet system.

woman's closet with shoes and dresses
walk in closet full of clothes and shoes

Custom Closet Systems

When you come to us for help creating a custom closet system, we start by scheduling your free, in-home consultation. We carefully measure your space, taking into account the area above the closet door frame that might be hard to reach and any other unusual aspects of your closet, such as shape, obstructions, windows, etc.

Then we talk to you about what you want to keep in your closet. For instance, it’s important to consider how many shirts, blouses and pants you have relative to how many long dresses you own. If you have only a few long dresses, we can design your space so you can hang a row of tops over a row of bottoms.

We’ll ask you questions such as how many pairs of shoes you’ll want to keep on hand, and if you have purses, scarves, jewelry or other items you’d like to store in your closet. Our closet systems include not only rods, shelving, cabinets and drawers, but also accessories such as tie racks, storage boxes and belt hangers.

Knowing exactly what is going in the closet is a crucial component of custom closet design.

Custom Closet Design

Once we get all the important information, we create a 3D rendering of what your closet will look like. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, make changes and feel reassured that you’re getting the perfect custom closet design for you.

Once the work is done and your closet is fully customized, you’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in it — and how easy it is to find things! You’ll wonder how you went so long without a custom closet solution.

For more information about custom closets, laundry room and garage storage systems, pantries and many other storage solutions, contact the team at Precision Closets & Garage today. We’re here to help you make your life neater and more organized.

walk in closet full of clothes and a red dress

Your new closet starts with a COMPLIMENTARY 3D DESIGN