Walk-In Closets


Walk-in closets are fabulous because they provide the space you need for your clothes, shoes and other important items. But without a walk-in closet organizer, you still may find that your things are hard to find or piled up haphazardly. The custom closet designers at Precision Closets & Garage can help you create the walk-in closet of your dreams.

Walk-In Closet Systems

As a homeowner in northern Utah, you know having a walk-in closet in your home is an amazing perk. Even a small walk-in closet offers so much more space and flexibility than a reach-in closet. The extra room often mean homeowners can keep all their clothes in one spot, rather than having to rotate them with the seasons.

Whether your home already had a walk-in closet system installed when you moved in or you’re looking to start from scratch, the team at Precision Closets can help.

We offer free consultations, so your first move should be to schedule a home visit with us. This allows us to come out and see your space for ourselves and measure it accurately. We talk to you about what you like about the features of your current walk-in closet organizer (if you have one) and what your goals are for your new walk-in closet system.

man's closet with shirts and shoes
walk in closet full of clothes and a red dress

Luxury Walk-In Closets

At Precision Closets, we also design luxury walk-in closet systems with gleaming hardware, wood finish cabinets and shelving, and crown molding.

Your can include many features in your new luxury walk-in closet that an ordinary walk-in closet doesn’t have. For instance, if you have the room, consider a center island or a sitting area. A center island can add tons of extra storage for handbags, jewelry, items that are folded such as sweaters, and all kinds of large and small items.

Another idea is to add seating. Whether it’s an upholstered bench, a tuffet or a handy spot on top of some low pull-out drawers, seating is perfect when you need to put on shoes or hosiery. Having a small seat you can move around — say in front of a mirror where you can sit to put on your jewelry — is a helpful convenience.

Lighting is an important part of any walk-in closet — you need to be able to easily find what you are looking for. But in a luxury walk-in closet, we can add accent lighting, such as track lighting, spot lighting and recessed lighting.

This type of lighting brings a warm glow to your walk-in closet that makes it easier than ever to find the clothes you’re looking for. That’s why they use lighting like this in high-end stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman. It makes you feel relaxed and pampered.

Walk-In Closet Organizers

Whether you have a modest walk-in closet system in mind or a top-of-the-line model, Precision Closets can help. We provide custom closet design for walk-in closets in Park City, Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

walk in closet full of clothes and shoes

Your new closet starts with a COMPLIMENTARY 3D DESIGN