Kid's Closets

Kids’ Closets

Kids’ closets have a reputation for being disastrous messes. Few kids are naturally tidy, and they have so many clothes and toys that it’s hard to store them properly. Precision Closets & Garage will show you how a kids’ closet organizer can make your family’s life so much easier.

Children’s Closet Woes

The very first pieces of clothing you put in your child’s closet were likely some tiny outfits that hung less than two feet below the rod. It’s cute, but it underscores how much space is wasted in a traditional closet.

This is a problem adults face too, but it is worse for kids’ closets, because their clothing is so small. In order to make a kids’ closet functional, you must have a kids’ closet organizer that allows you to hang clothes in one row on top of another. Moreover, you want the rods hung low, so your child can reach their clothes themselves.

Kids also have a tendency to throw their shoes, toys and books all over. Even if you have bins or baskets, you can lose track of important items. We help you find storage solutions for the items your children find most challenging to keep neat.

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Kids’ Closet Storage Solutions

When you’re thinking about what type of children’s closet storage system would be right for your kids, you want to consider what they have the most of and what the best way to store it is.

For instance, if you have young children, you probably will want drawers or bins for storing toys. You may want shelves to store books as well.

Older teens, however, will likely have a lot more clothing and fewer toys than young children. For this reason, you will probably want to devote more space to rods for hanging clothes. Teens might also want space to store hobby items such as art supplies, sporting goods and uniforms.

When items have a home — whether it’s a kids’ closet or another place in your house — you greatly increase the odds of these items being returned to their homes. If you tell your kids to clean their room but they don’t really know where anything goes, they might just push it all under the bed. But if you tell them to hang up their clothes and put their toys away, that’s a job they can do if they have a kids’ closet organizer.

Closet Organizer Flexibility

A kids’ closet organizer is an investment, and every consumer wants their investment to be worthwhile. That’s why our kids’ closet organizers are adjustable. A growing child’s needs for storage often change every year or two. They might lose interest in ballet and take up hockey. They might grow bored with Legos and prefer to play video games. And their closet storage solutions need to be able to change with them.

When you purchase a kids’ closet organizer from Precision Closets & Garage, you can rest assured that you can move the rods, shelving, storage cabinets and almost any other component of the system.

Talk to our team today about getting a kids’ closet storage system for all your kids’ bedrooms.

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