Custom-Built Closets in Salt Lake City, UT

Custom closet in Salt Lake City Utah

There are many benefits to having Precision Closets & Garage custom build closets in your Salt Lake City home. A custom-built closet keeps your bedroom space well organized and clutter free. By providing clearly defined areas and unique design elements, you have space to house your clothing, shoes, and more. If you are building a new home in the Salt Lake City area, now is the perfect time to incorporate our custom closets into your plans, so you can maximize the square footage of your home and keep your wardrobe and possessions in excellent condition. Or, perhaps you are about to undertake a remodeling project for your existing residence. Either way now is the time to allow the experts with Precision Closets & Garage to design the custom closet of your dreams.

Our Custom Design Process

At Precision Closets & Garage, our custom process begins with an on-site consultation with one of our expert designers. Our designer will take measurements of the closet space and review the amount of clothing and items you want to house. They work closely with our customers to gain a full understanding of your thoughts and ideas. With this knowledge, our custom closet designer can create a plan that incorporates your needs with the capabilities of our product.

From here, our design expert will create a virtual model of your closet to ensure it will meet your needs and provide you with an opportunity to make any changes to the design. Customization options include the option to choose colors, fixtures, and components at this time as well. The final step in the custom closet process is construction. Our professional service team will bring your design choices to life by installing your new custom and well-organized closet features.

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At Precision Closets & Garage, we believe every project is unique, just like our customers. Which is why we provide truly customizable solutions that enable our clientele the opportunity to organize and store their wardrobe and items conveniently and securely in high-quality, long-lasting built-in closets. With innovative designs, we maximize the hidden potential of any room in your property, so that you can make the most out of your space. Whether you want a shared closet space for you and your partner, or a luxury dressing room with your clothing and accessories easily at hand, turn to Precision Closets & Garage today. In the Salt Lake City area, we create custom-built closets tailored to your needs, style, and budget.