How Custom Storage Options Help Save Space

How Custom Storage Options Help Save Space

There are a few common desires that many homeowners tend to share even if they're in very different circumstances, and a need to save space is often at or near the top of this list. There are a number of ways to save space in your home, and one approach that also comes with several other major benefits is the addition of custom storage products.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to offer customized storage solutions for clients around Salt Lake City and Park City, from custom closets and other indoor storage spaces to garage storage and more. Here are some of the specific ways that customized storage items like ours often play a major role in helping save space around any home.

Using the Space You Weren't Taking Advantage Of

In many cases, one of the primary ways custom storage helps save space is by making use of areas in the home that weren't being utilized as effectively as they could have been. In some cases, this means items like shelving and other accessories for both closets and garages that allow you to make much better use of every inch you're working with.

For instance, let's say you have a large storage closet in your home but it's full of items that are all stacked haphazardly and without any sort of order or strategy. A custom-designed closet system can help organize those items while also making sure they're taking up the least possible amount of space, thus freeing up more square footage for other purposes.

In other cases, custom storage additions might allow you to realize when significant chunks of space in your home weren't being used for anything. This could be the dead space in the back of a closet, or a particularly tall corner in your garage that seemed too awkward to use until now.

Making Better Use of Vertical Space

Custom storage solutions might also help you make better use of vertical space - i.e., height - around your home. Wall shelves or cabinets, for instance, can provide the perfect place to store items while also freeing up space on the floor so you have more room to move.

The same goes for other areas of your home where wall space is available but not being used effectively. Even if it's something like a closet that often has a lot of items piled up on the floor, there are often ways to utilize custom shelving and other storage solutions for vertical space even in small areas.

Consolidating Items into One Place

Custom closets and garage systems can also help you save space by consolidating items that were previously spread out throughout the home into one place. For instance, if you had several shelving systems for books, DVD cases, and other items scattered throughout the home, custom closets can bring all of those items into one place while carrying out things like sorting and compressing them for you.

This consolidated approach also helps when it comes time to do something like tidying up or cleaning your home. Instead of having to go all over the house to pick up items, you just have one area to focus on making sure everything is in order.

Tailored Directly to Your Space

The word "custom" also has major value when it comes to creating storage systems tailored specifically to your space. We can come up with creative and efficient solutions for just about any home, making sure you're getting maximum use of every inch of area in the process.

This is especially useful for older homes or those that were built with oddly shaped rooms or other areas where storage solutions can be particularly challenging. Custom options are made to fit those spaces as perfectly as possible, ensuring you're getting the most out of what you have and saving space in the process.

Incorporation Into Furniture for Multiple Functions

Another creative solution we offer is customized furniture solutions with built-in storage. This can be ideal for areas of the home like living rooms where you may not want to dedicate an entire piece of furniture just for storage purposes.

This style also helps you free up more floor space around a room, as well as make better use of the vertical space in that particular area. It also allows you to customize the type of storage and how it looks, so you can make sure it matches your home's aesthetic while still getting maximum use out of the space at hand.

If you're looking for ways to save space around your home, the addition of custom storage solutions may be exactly what you need. From maximizing every inch of floor and vertical space to consolidating items from around the house and incorporating storage into furniture, this approach can help you save plenty of space while also adding other major benefits.

If your home is in Salt Lake City or Park City and you're interested in learning more about custom storage solutions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Precision Closets & Garage today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect storage solutions for your home!