January 11, 2022
Closet-Related New Year’s Resolutions to Consider in Lehi

Many of us make New Year's resolutions when the calendar turns to January each year, and these can be in a variety of areas. One theme you may be thinking about for this year's resolution: Improving your closet storage and organization themes to limit your daily hassle and lower your stress. At Precision Closets & […]

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December 14, 2021
How Pet Owners Can Utilize Cabinets and Closets

Closets are some of your top resources for organization and storage around the home, and you might have a few different purposes for how you utilize them in different areas. One group of people who will often use certain specific cabinets or related storage areas in a particular way: Pet owners, who often utilize these […]

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November 9, 2021
Considerations When Purchasing Garage Storage Cabinets

The garage is one of the most useful and common storage locations in any home that has one, but how you arrange and organize the garage space will play a huge role in how much storage you have available. One element that's particularly important here is your choice of garage cabinets or related storage systems, […]

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October 12, 2021
Benefits of Adding a Walk-In Closet to Your Home

There are certain home improvement projects that boost both your aesthetics and your practical comfort all in one, and a great example is the installation of a custom walk-in closet. Not only does a walk-in closet add to your home's beauty (and also its property value), it also makes your daily life more convenient in […]

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September 14, 2021
SLC Closet and Organization Themes for Child Back-to-School

The fall is here, and for parents around Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah, this means the kids are back in school. While this is often an exciting time of year, it's also one that comes with a few new tasks or responsibilities -- and for some, it's an ideal time of year […]

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August 10, 2021
Closets and Other Storage Themes for Small Accessories

For fashion enthusiasts or anyone else who maintains a collection of smaller accessories like necklaces, bracelets and similar items, storage for these items is an important consideration. While they may be smaller, this actually sometimes makes it easier for clutter or disorganization to arise — but the right closet customization and similar themes will leave […]

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July 13, 2021
Designing a Perfect SLC “Beauty” Walk-In Closet

When we refer to our custom closet systems at Precision Closets & Garage, such as our custom bedroom closets, we truly mean custom. Our team will measure your space and account for any specific details or desires you have while planning out a custom closet design and installation, plus ask you questions about the items […]

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June 17, 2021
Cabinets and Other Laundry Room Storage Themes

There are a few basic day-to-day life elements that pretty much no one enjoys spending time on, and doing the laundry is a great example. One theme that helps you minimize the boring, laborious time you spend doing your laundry: Improving your laundry room storage themes and capacity to make the entire process more convenient. […]

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May 11, 2021
Value of Installing a Custom Pantry in Your Kitchen

Most don’t tend to associate closets directly with their kitchens, but there’s one important type that any current or future homeowner should be considering within this room: The pantry. Often serving as the primary storage area for a given kitchen, a pantry plays a major role in how the rest of the room will be […]

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April 13, 2021
Infusing Natural Light Into Your SLC Closet Setup

Closets are one of many great examples of areas within a home where both practical and aesthetic themes are at play simultaneously, and one specific element that touches on both is light. Enough light allows for locating items and using the closet properly, for starters, but also brightens the space and makes it more aesthetically […]

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