Closet Organization Approaches for Minimalists

Closet Organization Approaches for Minimalists

There are many "styles" people take when it comes to organization, storage and even design concepts, and one that's grown heavily in popularity in recent years is minimalism. Minimalists like to limit the visual clutter and overall activity taking place within a given area or design, and one sector of minimalism that's often considered is closet storage and organization.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we proudly offer a huge range of custom closets for varying clients around Salt Lake City and Park City, including for minimalists and those who want to keep things simple and straightforward in areas like these. Here are some simple tips on how you should approach the realm of closets and closet organization if minimalism is a key priority.

Empty It All and Take Stock

In many cases, and especially if you're worried your closet setup has already gone too far in terms of visual clutter, it's important to go back to square one. Empty out everything that's in the closet, including clothes and accessories, then take stock of what you actually have and where it should all go.

For instance, you might lay out all your clothes on the floor to evaluate what you have and get rid of anything that's no longer necessary or is damaged beyond repair. This is also a chance to evaluate where everything should be within the closet, such as whether you want to keep shirts and pants together, or if it makes more sense to separate them by color.

Design with Simplicity in Mind

Once you know exactly what kind of storage solutions your closet needs, it's time to start designing. One key here is that simple doesn't always mean boring, and you can have a beautiful storage system without overdoing it.

For instance, choose colors that are subtle yet aesthetically pleasing, like blues or grays. You should also consider choosing simplistic shapes for hanging rods and shelves - straight lines, curves and simple rectangles instead of overly intricate designs. Try to keep the overall look as modest as possible, without too many frills or flourishes.

Grouping into Categories

For many people, the key to having a minimalistic yet efficient closet system is categorization - grouping similar items into areas that are easy to access without having to scroll through too many different things. For instance, you may have one area for shirts and another for pants, with accessories like hats and scarves organized separately.

You could also group by material - all knitwear together, or all leather items in one place. This allows you to easily find a specific item when needed without the visual confusion of searching through too many things at once.

Use Vertical Space, Too

Some people think of closets as primarily horizontal spaces, but you can also make use of the vertical area for extra storage and organization. This could include hanging sections for scarves and ties, or even a rail overhead from which to hang items like jackets and coats.

You'll find that by making use of all the available space in your closet - both horizontally and vertically - you can create a storage system that's both minimalistic and efficient.

You Only Need One of Certain Items

In other cases, going truly minimalist with your closet means you don't need items that are duplicates - or even triplicates. For instance, you may only need one belt or one pair of shoes in a given style.

This could also be applied to clothing - do you really need three different types of white shirts? Evaluate each item and make sure it's necessary for your wardrobe, and if it's not, set it aside for donation or disposal.

Consider Small Labels

While no minimalist wants to clog their closet storage with labels and signs, you can make use of minimal labeling to ensure that everything is easy to find. Consider small adhesive stickers or even handwritten notes on the shelves (using a permanent marker) in order to identify specific items.

This way, you won't need any elaborate signs or extra details that would take away from the overall look and feel of the minimalist closet.

By following the above tips, you can create a closet storage system that's both efficient and stylishly minimalistic. You'll be able to find items quickly and keep your wardrobe organized without having to sacrifice style in the process. So take stock of what you have, use all available space, and get creative with labeling - and you'll have a minimalistic closet that looks great.

And at Precision Closets & Garage, we're here to help make this process as easy as possible. Contact us today to get started with designing your perfect closet storage system.