Closet-Related New Year’s Resolutions to Consider in Lehi

Closet-Related New Year’s Resolutions to Consider in Lehi

Many of us make New Year's resolutions when the calendar turns to January each year, and these can be in a variety of areas. One theme you may be thinking about for this year's resolution: Improving your closet storage and organization themes to limit your daily hassle and lower your stress.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're thrilled to offer a huge range of closets and storage systems to our Lehi clients, from custom reach-in closets to walk-in closets, kids closets and many others. We're proud to assist with all your closet and storage resolutions this New Year, whether they involve simple organization, upgrading your closets or other areas. Here are some of the top recommendations we can make for closet-related New Year's Resolutions.

Upgrading Your Closets

For many homeowners, the new year is the perfect time for a "fresh" start -- and that may even include upgrading your closets. Our storage experts would be glad to help you determine which improvements are right for your home, family and lifestyle.

One of the most popular upgrades we offer is custom reach-in closets, where you'll love the increased space that comes with high quality shelving, drawers and other organization features. We also build walk-in closets, kids closets and other types of custom closets.

For some, the key reason their current closet setup has reached a point of disorganization is a lack of practical space. Upgrading to a new closet design with more space is a clear solution, and also offers the chance to add even more organization features such as drawers, shoe racks and other elements.

We typically recommend starting with one closet system upgrade at a time -- and we're able to craft your ideal new closet system while still preserving your existing space. Plus, we offer full installation services, meaning everything will be installed exactly to your specifications.

Purging the Closet of Unneeded Items

Another common New Year's resolution many people make with regard to their closet is to clean out the unneeded items taking up space. Whether this is clothing you no longer use, gifts you've received but never used, sports equipment or anything else, it's time to get rid of that excess clutter.

For many homeowners in our Lehi community, an important part of purging their closets involves creating a system for keeping track of valuable items. For example, you may want to have a specific spot for stowing away your coats during the summer months or designate another area for storing accessories that are only worn on occasion.

For items you decide to get rid of, you have a few options. Donation is a great way to give back to your community and help those in need. Materials can also be passed on to friends and family members you know will make good use of them, or simply recycled.

Categorize Items

Another key culprit in disorganized closets is a lack of categorization, which leads to items simply being strewn into the closet haphazardly. A smart way to make sure you always know where items are without scrambling through your closet is by designing a system of sections for clothes, as well as installing clothing rods and hanger types that maximize the amount of space you have.

In many cases, your actual closet setup itself will play a huge role in categorizing and separating clothes. For example, if you like to separate your outfits into color groups it's key to make sure there's enough space between your clothing rods for all of these colors.

For organizing the items already in your closet, we recommend using storage baskets and bins that can be tucked away when not in use, meaning they don't take up room on your closet floor or other areas. Our experts can help with selecting the perfect bins and baskets, and we'll show you how to customize them for your space and setup.

Reserve Reach Areas for Important Items

For those with larger closet setups, or who are considering upgrading to such a setup, there will be certain areas that offer the easiest reach access -- and then also those that are a bit tougher to reach from your standard positions. Generally speaking, you want to be placing your most important and frequently-used items in the easiest to reach areas.

For example, this may mean placing your everyday shirts right at eye level so you can quickly grab them when getting dressed for work, or storing your sneakers within arm's reach so it's easy to slip them on before heading out for a jog. Another tip is to try and put certain items that are used less frequently in the harder to reach areas, so they don't get buried at the bottom of your closet.

Don't Over-Purchase

Yet another common reason why closets become disorganized: Their owners buy too many items to fit into their current space. When this is the case, the best thing to do is start purging your clothes and other items to give yourself more room.

When shopping for clothing, bags or any other items you know will be stored in your closet, it's important to limit yourself to picking up necessary items. The last thing you want is to buy things you really don't need, especially when they'll just create more clutter in your closet.

Also, when shopping for new clothes or items that may be coming into your closet at some point in the future, keep in mind that this is not a storage unit and you don't need to purchase multiple bins or shelves to hold everything. Instead, choose smart space-saving techniques like utilizing hanging rods and other vertical surfaces without taking up extra space.

For more on New Year's resolutions related to your closet, or to learn about any of our closet or garage products in Lehi or other parts of Utah, speak to the pros at Precision Closets & Garage today.