Designing a Perfect SLC “Beauty” Walk-In Closet

Designing a Perfect SLC “Beauty” Walk-In Closet

When we refer to our custom closet systems at Precision Closets & Garage, such as our custom bedroom closets, we truly mean custom. Our team will measure your space and account for any specific details or desires you have while planning out a custom closet design and installation, plus ask you questions about the items that will go in the closet, the sorts of accessories you need and more.

This means we’re able to construct the perfect closet for any specific need, including certain special uses of bedroom closets that some are interested in. One such option: The “beauty room” closet, also sometimes called a “glam room,” where items like makeup, hair products and clothes can all be combined for a comprehensive experience – one that’s great for both individuals and groups. If you’re looking for a walk-in closet that doubles as a beauty room in Salt Lake City or any surrounding area, what are some of the top themes to consider? Here are a few.

Importance of Lighting

Lighting is important for most closet spaces, but particularly so for those where you might have multiple mirrors and will be performing tasks like applying makeup, doing your hair or several others. For beauty room closets, it’s ideal to utilize both natural and man-made light in complementary ways – some actual bulbs will surely be necessary for specified mirror areas, but it’s best to top that off with some nice natural light from the open room near the closet if possible.

One popular choice for the beauty room: “Glam” mirrors, which come with light bulbs already included. Some of these will have multiple bulbs to use as-needed.

Storage Space and Options

And of course, no beauty closet will be ideal without the proper storage space – for all the items that might be used. From drawer separators for makeup through the proper bars and hanging locations for clothes, you need to ensure that everything will have a home within your setup, even if you have more than one person in the space at the same time.

Decorating and Accessorizing

And once you’ve ensured your beauty closet will be both spacious enough and properly-lit, you can get to the real fun part: Decorating and accessorizing the space, from the way everything is laid out to the additional aesthetics you choose to include – many will pick themes like plants, art or related items to complement their space. Pillows and other cushions are also popular, especially if you’re planning on having one or more chairs for people to sit on.

For more on how to design a perfect “beauty room” closet in a walk-in space, or to learn about any of our closets, cabinets or garage storage systems in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at Precision Closets & Garage today.