Infusing Natural Light Into Your SLC Closet Setup

Infusing Natural Light Into Your SLC Closet Setup

Closets are one of many great examples of areas within a home where both practical and aesthetic themes are at play simultaneously, and one specific element that touches on both is light. Enough light allows for locating items and using the closet properly, for starters, but also brightens the space and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we’re happy to offer a huge range of custom closets, cabinets, organizers and related systems for any part of your Salt Lake City home or building, and we’ve assisted numerous clients with light themes for their closets. While artificial lights will often serve many of your needs here, it’s also important to consider natural light sources and the ways they interact with your closet. Here are some general tips and themes to keep in mind.

Closet Cabinet Doors

While there’s nothing wrong with an open storage format for shelves in your closet, one concern some people have with this approach is the potential of sunlight impacting clothing. Enough exposure to sunlight, even through glass windows, will eventually risk fading or other risks to certain fabrics, and many of our clients want to avoid this.

If this is your top priority, it’s an easy one to attain. Add on mirrored closet doors, tinted glass inserts or other cabinet door formats to protect your clothes while still allowing light into the overall area. In addition, you might consider lighter painting hues inside the closet, since portions of natural light will be blocked to protect clothes.

Sunlight Entry Format

It’s also important to consider the basic positioning and direction of the closet and how it will interact with direct sunlight. If you have southern and eastern windows in your room, you’ll get more light during the morning and around noon; western windows will see lower sunlight levels in the late afternoon, and northern windows will come with the least sunlight of any.

Generally, clients arrange their closets so delicate clothes and any accessories that may be impacted by sunlight are blocked from it. Accessories often used here are gauzy curtains, which will prevent clothing damage without fully blocking the warm, natural light of the sun from entering the space.

Skylight Usage

If you’re looking to add natural light, you might be considering skylights. It’s important to work with a professional for this sort of installation, ensuring it’s built and installed correctly and does not risk leaking or any other roof concerns.


If you’re prioritizing natural light to the closet area, it’s also important to keep your vents in good shape. Natural sunlight makes the temperature rise, which might stress certain fabrics or accessories – but a strong HVAC vent system will allow for circulation and ventilation of air that will limit these concerns.

For more on infusing natural light into your closet setup, or to learn about any of our Salt Lake City closet, cabinet, garage storage and related services, speak to the staff at Precision Closets & Garage today.