Considerations When Purchasing Garage Storage Cabinets

Considerations When Purchasing Garage Storage Cabinets

The garage is one of the most useful and common storage locations in any home that has one, but how you arrange and organize the garage space will play a huge role in how much storage you have available. One element that's particularly important here is your choice of garage cabinets or related storage systems, which will set your storage baseline moving forward.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're thrilled to offer a wide range of garage storage cabinets, shelves and other storage features to help you maximize your uses of this important area. When you're looking to upgrade your garage storage and choose the ideal cabinets or other storage items, what are the most important variables to consider? Here are several to keep in mind.

Clean and Organize First

Before you even start determining how many cabinets or how much space you'll need, you should take some time to really clean out and organize your garage. Throw away junk, recycle what you can, and generally try to make space for the new cabinets you're adding by getting rid of unnecessary clutter that's filling up floor or wall space now.

This will help immensely when you start choosing which storage components to add; if the existing options are cramped it'll be difficult to work out how many cabinets you'll need and which types of storage will best suit your needs. By cleaning things up first, you'll get a better picture of the areas that are primed for additional storage space.

Dimensions Matter

Take some time to measure the dimensions of your garage before thinking about what storage cabinets or other products could work best. There are several things to consider here - how long is the garage itself, what width is it at its widest points, and do you have any overhead space for storage solutions? Any of these details can be used to determine which product types will best suit your needs.

This part of the process may require some help from a Precision Closets specialist, but most of our customers find that we're happy to walk them through the details and can help you make smart choices about which storage products will suit your garage best.

Determine Your Uses

As you might imagine, there are a variety of uses for a home's garage, and therefore for its storage capacity. Some homeowners are mostly concerned with storing cars, while others are driven to maximize storage space in order to keep other household items safe. The more you know about your own needs when it comes to garage storage, the easier it will be to find products that fit those needs well.

Determining How to Maximize Space

Once you've laid out your baseline for available space, necessary uses of cabinets and related factors, it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of determining how to maximize your space. Consider various cabinet options for storage, including shelving and other items that can help you store away frequently used items like sporting equipment and tools.

In many garages, overhead storage shelves or racks play a major part in maximizing space and making the best use of all available locations. This is often true if your garage is tall enough to accommodate such items; you'll find that adding a couple of these above your cars can open up a world of storage potential.

With the right cabinet configuration, many homeowners are also able to stack two or more units on top of one another for optimal space utilization. This is particularly helpful in garages where horizontal space is at a premium or when you're looking to fit multiple cars into the same area.

Space Between

As you're planning out your cabinet order, be sure to account for at least one or two feet in between each unit to allow for easy access. You may need to stack or configure cabinets in an even more compact arrangement, but don't forget to account for the necessary space between items in your calculations - you might need more room than you imagine!

New or Used?

While there are some situations where your budget and other factors may dictate that you purchase used cabinets, this isn't generally recommended. Some products do just fine when being re-used, but cabinets will often have their best lifespan when they are brand new. Treating your cabinet purchase as a long-term investment rather than simply purchasing whatever fits in your budget is also often advisable, since you don't want to invest in cabinets only to have to replace them within a few years due to damages or poor use.

Customization Options

You have a number of customization options for your garage cabinets and other storage needs, and which you choose to capitalize on will depend on your needs. Some options include:

  • Varied custom color or design schemes: Whether you want to go with more traditional colors or decide to pick up more contemporary storage solutions, there are plenty of customization options for your cabinets.
  • Various finishes: From natural wood tones to more modern metallic hues, there's often a finish option that can really complement the existing style of your garage and serve as an additional decorative feature.
  • Incorporation of plumbing, vents or outlets: If you're looking for storage solutions that are comfortable with incorporating these additional features into their design, then look no further. You can choose which options are important to you and find cabinets that work within your budget.
  • Charging stations or power generators: Does your garage tend to be particularly dark, messy or hard to navigate? These features can help you turn it into a bright and organized location that's perfect for showing off to friends and family.
  • Versatility in storage options: If you need more than just garage cabinets in order to stay organized, these units can often double as closet spaces or other parts of a multi-faceted storage solution.

For more on choosing ideal garage cabinets and other storage solutions to meet your needs, or to learn about any of our custom closets or garage accessories, speak to the pros at Precision Closets & Garage today.