Closet and Garage Services in Bountiful

Closet and Garage Services in Bountiful

If you're a Bountiful, Utah client looking for high-quality closet, garage and other storage solutions for any area of your home, come to Precision Closets & Garage. We use durable materials and modern storage concepts that are adjustable and scalable for any room size or shape.

Our creative staff can design a custom plan for you that fits both your budget and lifestyle needs. Whether you're looking for more storage space in the closet or garage, we have everything you need to maximize the storage capacity in any room. Contact us today to learn more!

An Extensive Selection of In-Home Storage

Simply put, there's no area of in-home storage we aren't prepared to assist clients with at Precision Closets & Garage. Here's just a sampling of our various options:

  • Comprehensive closet services: Whether you're looking for a reach-in closet, a walk-in closet, a wardrobe closet or a combination of all three, we have the services you need to create an efficient storage area. We offer a variety of accessories, hardware and more to maximize storage space.
  • Kitchen cabinets and pantries: For those who need more kitchen storage than traditional cabinets can offer, we provide custom pantry systems to make the most of your space. From built-in shelving to pull-out drawers and more, our solutions help you maximize every square inch in your kitchen.
  • Living room storage: Our custom storage solutions for living rooms range from built-in shelving to custom cabinets, media centers and more. We make sure your entire living room area is as organized and efficient as possible.
  • Office solutions: Many of our clients turn to us when they need help organizing their home offices. We offer filing cabinets, bookcases, desks and more so your office area is organized and efficient.

Our Garage Storage Solutions

In addition to our various in-home storage solutions, we also offer custom garage storage services. From overhead racks to wall systems and more, we make sure your garage is free of clutter and anything else that doesn't need to be there. Plus, our pegboard system allows you to hang items off the walls while keeping them easily accessible.

Expert Staff at Your Service

And no matter which storage solutions you choose, Precision Closets & Garage has an expert staff to help you every step of the way. Our design consultants can provide a free consultation to discuss your project in more detail, and our experienced installers make sure everything is done properly.

If you're ready to tackle your Bountiful storage needs with Precision Closets & Garage, contact us today and get started on the path to a more organized home. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the perfect storage solutions for your needs.