How to Organize Your SLC Garage on a Budget

How to Organize Your SLC Garage on a Budget

Organization is key in a number of specific home areas, and one of the most significant for many residents is the garage. If your garage is a mess and you're looking to organize it and improve your overall storage capabilities, but you only have a limited budget with which to do so, how should you proceed?

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're here to help. We offer several forms of low-budget garage storage and garage organization assistance, with the best selection of garage cabinets you'll find in Salt Lake City or other parts of Utah. What are some of the top recommendations we often make to clients on how to organize their garages with a limited budget? Here are some basic tips.

Invest in Quality Garage Storage Components

While some people might assume that a tight budget means they can't purchase items like garage cabinets, the reality is actually the opposite: Quality garage storage will save you money in the long run. Investing in garage cabinets or shelving that are made from high-quality materials will last much longer and provide a more durable storage solution for your items, ultimately saving you money over time.

As you're evaluating your options for garage cabinets and other storage components, be sure to ask questions about the quality of materials used in their construction. Also inquire about things like warranties and guarantees, as this can provide added assurance that your money is being spent on quality.

It's not just cabinets you should be considering here, either. Items like wall hooks, peg boards, and storage bins can also be incredibly helpful for garage organization on a budget. Many people opt to hang items like bikes and ladders, as this can save a lot of space while also providing easy access whenever needed.

Create a Long-Term Storage Plan

If you want to avoid future issues of disorganization creeping in, the best approach is to create a long-term storage plan and stick to it. This means taking an honest look at all the items in your garage and determining which can stay, which should be stored elsewhere, and which need to be donated or discarded.

Creating designated areas for items like bikes, tools, sports equipment and seasonal decorations will ensure that you always know where things are and that everything has a home. This can help keep your garage organized on a budget even as items come and go over time.

Create Labels

One great theme to keep in mind during the organizing process is to create labels for your items and their respective areas in the garage. This can help everyone in your family quickly locate what they need, reducing time spent searching and preventing unnecessary messes from occurring. Just a few minutes of labeling will save you countless minutes of frustration down the road.

As you're going about labeling your items, think about investing in a labeling system like plastic bins with corresponding labels. This can help you quickly identify what goes where and allow you to make changes when necessary.

Zone it Up

For many of our customers, one of the most effective tips we provide is to “zone it up” in their garages. This means creating different sections or zones for specific items like gardening tools, automotive supplies, sports equipment, etc. This can help keep clutter at bay and make it much easier to find what you need when you need it.

For instance, if you dedicate one corner of the garage to your gardening supplies, you can store all of these items in one area and quickly find them when needed. This type of setup is especially helpful for families with kids who may often be running in and out, looking for their bikes or sports gear.

Don't Over-Use the Garage

While the garage is indeed one of the most robust storage areas in the home, it can quickly be overwhelmed if too many items are stored there. As you're organizing, take a look at items in the garage and consider if they might be better kept elsewhere.

For example, certain seasonal decorations or pieces of furniture may not need to reside there all year long. Instead, make use of existing closets, crawlspaces, or attics for these types of items. This will leave your garage free for items that need to be more easily accessible, helping you keep it organized on a budget and ensuring you have plenty of room for the items that truly matter.

Don't Forget About Vertical Space

Many garages are quite tall, and this means there is plenty of vertical space that can be utilized for storage. Hanging items like bikes or garden tools from the ceiling can save a tremendous amount of room, and this type of setup allows you to easily access everything when needed.

If you're willing to invest a bit more money, consider purchasing shelves or other similar structures to maximize your garage's vertical space. This can be one of the best investments you make for your home, as it will open up a great deal of new storage options without taking up any extra floor space.

Finally, don't forget about utilizing the walls in your garage. A few well-placed hooks or shelves can provide additional storage for items that cannot find other homes.

For more on how to go about organizing your garage on a limited budget, or to learn about any of our garage organization ideas or closet options for SLC and nearby clients, speak to our team at Precision Closets & Garage today.