Value of Installing a Custom Pantry in Your Kitchen

Value of Installing a Custom Pantry in Your Kitchen

Most don’t tend to associate closets directly with their kitchens, but there’s one important type that any current or future homeowner should be considering within this room: The pantry. Often serving as the primary storage area for a given kitchen, a pantry plays a major role in how the rest of the room will be laid out – and quality custom pantries are often a huge asset for homeowners.

At Precision Cosets & Garage, we’re here to offer a variety of custom closet systems, including custom kitchen pantries and related themes for all our clients. What are some of the key benefits we bring our clients with custom pantry themes, and what are some of the top reasons to make this investment as a homeowner? Here are some basic factors to keep in mind.

Adding Home Value

There are several kitchen remodel types that will do wonders for your overall home value, and installing a new custom pantry is absolutely one of them. Storage space is one of the single largest factors potential buyers consider when they’re scouring the market, and it will have an enormous impact on your bottom line.

When you combine this with the fact that a new pantry is a relatively inexpensive remodel, you’re already in great shape. You pay a pretty small amount for this improvement, but especially for homes with limited kitchen space previously, the impact you’re making on value is huge.

Item Location

From a more practical standpoint, one of the key reasons a custom pantry is so valuable is organization and item location. For older, poorly-designed pantries, storing and finding things on a day-to-day basis can be enormously frustrating; on the flip side, a custom pantry that you design will allow you full control over this realm. You can choose to include or not include items like cabinets or drawers for food storage, if needed, or arrange for basic labeling as part of the remodel.

Specific Storage Needs

A custom pantry also allows for more specified uses. Say you have a large appliance on your counter with no other good storage location – you can design a place within your new pantry specifically for this or any other item. Other options include hooks, wall racks and related items to assist with convenience.

Freeing Counter Space

And down related lines, now that you have the ability to move that gigantic mixer or another large item off your counter, think about how much space you’ll have! This will allow you to do a variety of things, whether it’s increasing your cooking and prep space, creating workstations or any other task in between.

For more on the value of installing a custom pantry in your kitchen, or to learn about any of our closet services, garage storage shelving or any of our other solutions, speak to the staff at Precision Closets & Garage today.