Using a Garage for Sports Equipment Storage

Using a Garage for Sports Equipment Storage

There are several forms of storage that many people and families utilize their garages for, and one great example here is storage of sports equipment. Whether for the kids, parents or some combination of both, the garage is often ideal for storing sports-related items - and there are several robust approaches you can take here.

At Precision Closets & Garage, we're happy to offer a huge range of home and garage storage solutions for clients around Salt Lake City, Park City and nearby areas. We've helped clients with a variety of different uses of their garage for storage, including for sports equipment and similar needs. Here are some tips on how to evaluate and utilize your garage space when it comes to sports items.

Pre-Organizing Your Old and New Equipment

If you're just kicking off the process of organizing your sports equipment, start by taking inventories of what you already have. This will give you a better idea of where everything is, and what kind of storage solutions might be best for each item.

Furthermore, you may realize that you have a number of old items that you don't need or use any more, so you can eliminate those items from the equation altogether. This will make sure that your storage solutions are tailored for the amount of equipment you're actually using.

Compare Your Available Space With Your Needs

Once you've firmly established what kind of equipment you're working with, it's important to measure the amount of space that you have available. This will help determine what kind of storage solutions are most practical for your needs.

For instance, if you have more limited space, then wall-mounted shelving and specialized racks can be great options for containing your items in a smaller area - but if you have more space to work with, then you can look into larger solutions like modular shelving or individual sports lockers.

Do You Need Additional Cabinets

Early in your evaluation process, you should be trying to get an idea of whether or not you need additional cabinets for your equipment. In some cases, it can be ideal to have custom-built cabinets in the garage specifically designed for sports items, as this will make them easier to access and keep organized.

If you find that cabinets are a good fit for your needs, then we'd be happy to discuss further options with you here at Precision Closets & Garage.

Don't Forget About Floor Space

Depending on the kinds of sports items you have and their size, it's possible that you may need to utilize some of your garage floor space for storage solutions. This could range from a larger rack or shelving unit to individual bins or racks placed on the ground.

These kinds of approaches can add an extra layer of organization, plus they're especially useful if you don't have a lot of wall or ceiling space to work with in the garage.

Vertical Space is Vital, Too

Especially for varying kinds of sports equipment that need to be hung up to dry or to allow air circulation, taking advantage of the vertical space in your garage can be a great move. This could include hanging hooks and racks on the ceilings or walls, which gives you plenty of room for items like skiing boots, lacrosse sticks, helmets and other items that need more attention than typical shelving units would provide.

For instance, if you or your kids utilize winter sports, then you can hang up skis and snowboards upside down to allow air circulation without taking up extra floor space or needing bulky storage solutions.

Wall Slats?

Certain sports or equipment pieces also lend themselves well to wall slats, which are a great way to keep items like bats, rackets or even golf clubs in an organized manner. Wall slats can be custom-made to fit your exact needs and specifications, and they can provide a simple yet robust solution for storing small equipment pieces that don't require more elaborate storage solutions.

No matter what kind of sports-related items you're looking to store in your garage, here at Precision Closets & Garage we have the experience and resources to help you find the ideal solution for your needs. Contact us today to get started with this or any other custom storage need throughout SLC or Park City.